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5 Top Tips for avoiding overwhelm when Recruiting


In the current pandemic and post lockdown work climate we are in an unusual situation where there is both good supply and demand in the job market.  Lots of individuals have found alternative work whilst on Furlough leaving positions open.  Meanwhile some businesses have had to make redundancies, creating demand for new roles. 

Effective Recruitment of the right talent to your business is essential but it can be overwhelming when you have a large number of applicants for a role to be ablet identify who will be the most suitable candidate. We have put together some tips to help make the recruitment process a little easier……..


Ensure that your Job Description and Person Specification are Up to Date

Before you even consider posting that advert make sure that the Job Description and Person Specification really reflect the detail of the role and also the ideal candidate.   But what is the difference?

  • Job Description – outlines the duties and responsibilities of the role
  • Person Specification – outlines the essential and desired qualifications and attributes held by your ideal candidate for the role.


Decide on your Application Window and stick to it!

Give yourself a specific window for applications to be received and close it on that date regardless of how many applicants you have had. 

Also, put a deadline on the first applicant sift and set out the process i.e. tell candidates that if they haven’t heard from you by a certain date then they should assume that they have not been shortlisted. 

Create your Shortlist Criteria before you place the advert

Be clear about how you will sift and score applicants before you place your advert.  Create your criteria for shortlist using your job description and person specification.  Attribute a score for each category and define each score to help create a consistent and non biased way of identifying who should be shortlisted. 

Screen in, not out

Screen your applicants in against your criteria, the details, and the expectations of the role.  Focus on how their skills, qualifications and experience match your requirements. 

Ensure candidates experience a professional process

Use a system such as Breathe HR Software along with your HR Team / HR Consultant to manage the application process.    This will enable you to create a unique URL for the job you are advertising, store all applications in one place and also send multiple acknowledgements and responses automatically. 

Ensuring that expectations are set, and candidates are informed throughout the process is key to providing a professional recruitment process.  There is nothing worse than not receiving a response to a job application.   

But….use the software and technology to help you!

Finally, use a second application window if you need to

If you do not fill the vacancy, do not be scared to readvertise the role.  Given how fluid the market is currently, you may find your ideal candidate is now available or looking for a new role. 


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